10 Ways to Make Your Favorite Woman Happy This Mother’s Day (Or Any Day!)

  • May 10, 2017

Guest Post by Joan Lowell

Joan Lowell is a mom of six kids ages 6 to 19 and a four-time Color Runner. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Rhode Island College and Master of Education from Providence College. She has been a special educator and middle level language arts teacher, private tutor, substitute teacher and writer of a local blog for Go Au Pair families and Au Pairs. Joan has two cats, a black lab, some chickens, cows and pigs. She loves baking, gardening, reading and relaxing on the porch.

Want to make Mom happy? How about your wife? You know she deserves it. Yeah, flowers and chocolates or a sappy card to make her cry are nice, but… what can you REALLY do to make the woman you love super happy on Mother’s Day or any day? Not to sound lame-tastic, but women everywhere are hoping you read this. If she is as awesome, fun-loving, colorful, wild, active and deserving as you know she is, try one of these 10 ways to make her happy:

  1. Say “Thank You.” We all know what holds your world and the WHOLE world together — the women in your life! They deserve to be acknowledged. Take a minute to thank us for all we do… From the little things like dinner and dishes to the big things like loving you when you’re unloveable and supporting your dreams while we serve the family.
  2. Say, “I’m Sorry.” None of us are perfect — women included. A sincere apology can work miracles and cross time and distance. Take a minute to apologize to your important woman and move forward in a positive way. Let go of judgement and regret. The world is full of second chances and chances are, you won’t regret making amends.
  3. Call! Not everyone is like me and calls her mom at least a couple times a day. Though she lives a 3-hour drive from me, we talk more than we did when she lived under an hour away. Every woman loves communication — so call, update her on your life and tell her you love her.
  4. Write. A stamp is still under fifty cents. Write a quick note, send a picture the kids drew or a photo you had printed (we love that stuff!). One of the happiest stories my mom loves to tell is when she got a letter in the mail and was stopped by a stranger in the parking lot because she was screaming hysterically. The man asked her if she was okay and she said she was happy because I had sent her my positive pregnancy test (yes, the pee stick) to tell her she was going to be a grandma. Your note doesn’t have to be quite as crazy, but mom would love to get a short note or  a picture for her fridge.
  5. Surprise her. Warning: Not recommended for moms with a known heart condition. 😉 Surprise the woman in your life with a visit, a special gift like flowers, dinner or a movie, or even a spa day. You’ll know if your woman would like a surprise in front of her co-workers or would prefer a private delivery. Wine, flowers and food are great surprises for women everywhere.
  6. Plan a visit. In today’s world of hustle and bustle, travel is just part of life. If the significant woman in your life lives away from you, plan a visit. If she would like it, surprise her, like I did to my mom last Christmas (and hope to do again later this month…shhh!). I called her, as usual, and chatted away, while she had no idea I was driving in her direction. I had scoped out the details of her plans for that day and the weekend without a trace of my deception. When I walked across her porch three hours later, she screamed all the way to her door!
  7. Cook for her (or take her out). One of my struggles as an adult woman, mom and just as a person is cooking something every single night and cleaning up after. Not that I mind cooking and cleaning — it’s part of life. I just love it when I get help or someone else does it! Thankfully, my husband is a great cook and can make me happy with food, just as I do for him (as evidenced by his 30 pound weight-gain in our 10 year marriage). 😉
  8. Spoil her. Women do so much… Whether as your mom, wife, sister or bestie, we bear the weight of the world (yes, probably your world!) on our shoulders. We deserve to be spoiled every once in awhile. Do whatever it takes to spoil your favorite woman.
  9. Give the gift of a memory. Skydiving is not the adventure of a lifetime for everyone. Maybe it’s a cruise, a family trip to Disney or just a family get-together with everyone there. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or be for a special event. Consistent time together can be even more meaningful than a one-time event. Trust me, you won’t regret it. (And we all love savoring our memories with pictures, so create an opportunity!)
  10. Sign up for the Happiest 5K on the Planet. The Color Run comes to hundreds of cities worldwide — probably one near you! I ran my first 5K (okay, power-walked pushing a stroller) when I did the The Color Run Providence in 2013 at age 41. This year I am heading up a team with 5 out of 6 of my kids in The Color Run Hershey, with intentions of getting all of us in there one year.

Next step: Repeat and/or choose another way to make the women in your life happy! Seriously, do one, then two, and then all of them. Start at ten and do something super active! Take advantage of every day to do something to make mom (or your favorite girl) as HAPPY as possible. And don’t forget to have fun yourself!

Thanks, Joan! Say thank you to the women in your life this Mother’s Day by creating a colorful memory at The Color Run! These amazing women deserve a gift that lasts a lot longer than that candle will 😉 Use code MOMS for 10% off! Register today:

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