Welcome to the Happiest Blog!

Your friends here at Bigsley, who you probably already know from the The Color Run, have a mission to bring people together, create exceptional experiences, and make the world happier and healthier.  Enter The Happiest Blog. 🙂 Here you’ll find:

  • Fitness tips and workouts galore (endorphins make people happy — and we’re ALL about making people happy)
  • Warm and fuzzy posts about Color Runner Heroes
  • Recipes that will make your mouth water
  • A community of people who want to be fit, healthy, and happy just like you
  • And much, much more.

Take a look and see for yourself! We can promise you’ll at least crack a smile.

Happy Reading!

The Happiest Blog team at Bigsley

Need to get in touch with us? Interested in writing a guest post? Email info@happiestblog.com.

Bigsley brought you the original 5K paint race, The Color Run. The Color Run launched in 2012 and is now the largest running series on the planet. We support the fun, healthy, balanced lifestyles of the more than 6 million Color Runners worldwide, and anyone else looking to be healthy and have a good time.


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