Best Loop Resistance Band Workouts

  • October 25, 2017

In your gym you probably saw one of these colorful elastic pieces of rubber, but did you know that this very simple tool can provide you with a full body workout that will put your body to its limits?

Resistance bands were originally made for muscle rehabilitation, but have since found their way into mainstream fitness and strength programs. They are basically lightweight, elastic rubber bands that you wrap around different parts of your body or other surfaces and conduct various exercises.

Since they are very lightweight and compact and exercising with them doesn’t require too much space, they are perfect little helpers for home and travel training. You can find them in different colors which represent the different level of resistance they have.

Since the resistance loop bands are so versatile there are thousands of different exercises you can do with them. We are here to show you the five of the best ones that will activate your whole body.

Band Pull-Apart

This is one of the simplest exercises but it will put a serious strain on your body after enough repetitions. It is focused on strengthening your back and chest muscles and is a great way to relieve and prevent future back pain.

Start with securing one end of the band around your back so that the band is around you like a hula hoop, but in chest height. Grab the band in front of you with both hands and push it to the full extent of your arms forward. This is your starting position with which every repetition starts.

From the initial position you just have to pull apart your hands while holding onto the rubber band. When the rubber reaches your chest and your hands are fully pulled apart, hold that position. You will feel your upper back working and your shoulder blades holding the weight. Retrieve to the initial position and repeat ten or twenty times.

Hamstring and ankle curls

Hamstring and ankle pain is one of the most common problems whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or not. This exercise will help you strengthen this area of your body and prevent injuries and  it’s very easy.

You will be lying on your stomach for this drill and you’ll have to secure one end of the band. If you have a door anchor, secure it under the door and attach the band to it or you can alternatively just secure the band to something heavy.

While lying on your stomach, wrap the loose end of the band around the ankle of one of your legs. Then, bend the active leg upward until your calf is parallel with the door and pull back to the starting position. You can repeat this exercise ten to twenty times per turn.

Standing Glute Kick

Loop resistance bands are one of the greatest ways to activate your glutes and lift your bum. This particular drill will isolate your glutes and make them lift your leg with resistance.

You will again secure one end of the band to a door anchor or in this case to the lowest point of a pole or a table. The other side of the band goes around the sole of your foot. Lean forward toward the pole and sit back into your hips – this is your starting position.

From here you will push back with your active leg, hold when you reach the limit and bring back. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to keep your back straight and not move while your glutes take all the pressure.

Hip Abduction while Seated

While sitting down, place the band just below your knees and place your feet on shoulder width. With your toes pointing in front of you slightly tilt your knees outward and stretch the band. When you retrieve to the initial position, don’t let the tension bring your knees together, but keep them on the same distance.

This exercise will put a real burn on your inner and outer thighs and it is very easy to perform.

Triceps Extension

If you want to tighten your upper arm muscles, resistance bands can also help.

Attach one end to a stable surface in head height. Turn your back to the anchor point, grab the band with both hands, and step out with one foot while leaning forward. With your hands pointing forward in front of your head, slowly pull your forearm up and then back down. You will feel your triceps burning after couple of repetitions.

Who knew you could get a full body workout using these resistance bands? These workouts are sure to get any Color Runner ready for their next race at The Color Run, hands down! Make sure to combine these awesome workouts with a well rounded diet, and you’ll be set!


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Annie Jones is the main person behind the BoostBodyFit. She started off a bit on the chubby side, but went through the transformation and now enjoys great health and looks great. She is a fan of bodyweight training and healthy living. She founded  BoostBodyFit to share her experience on Health, Fitness, Sports Nutrition, and everything else in between.

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