Color Runner Heroes: #ChasingArthur

  • June 8, 2017

Feature image courtesy of Brianna Goldsboro. Arthur’s parents, Jack and Janice, show off their #ChasingArthur t-shirts before a race.

We love getting to know our Color Runners! This year, we asked each Color Runner to share his or her “dream” for 2017. Brianna Goldsboro from Boston, MA touched us with her dream to run in the memory of her best friend’s son and we had to share! Look up #ChasingArthur on Facebook and join the cause!

by Brianna Goldsboro

We are doing The Color Run in memory of my best friend and her husband’s son, Arthur Teixeira. I wold love for their story to be heard and to give his life meaning.

#ChasingArthur is raising money for Star Legacy Foundation and is raising awareness for M.I.S. — Miscarriage, infant loss, and stillbirth. Arthur was born sleeping and his parents never received a cause.

We chose to bring #ChasingArthur to The Color Run for many reasons: 1. Arthur’s life is meant to be celebrated andThe Color Runis a huge celebration! 2. Arthur’s memory should bring more happiness than sadness andThe Color Run is a happy place to be. We’d like to think he will be running in heaven dancing in all the colors with us. 3. Arthur was a St. Patrick’s baby and there was a rainbow the day he was born (we would also like to think he is the gold at the end of the rainbow!.) 4. It’s the perfect run to plant the seed for something great.

This will be our first run of many as a team. Arthur’s father, Jack, started #ChasingArthur last year and the idea of the hashtag is that we are literally running for Arthur. Chasing his memory, running for a cause, chasing answers… Jack will be doing a 10k soon and eventually a marathon — all for his son. He was not a runner prior to this, but Arthur is his motivation and we are joining him in his journey.

Jack said, “My son did not breathe on this Earth. He did not get to play, or sing, or dance, or run. So I will. I will run for him… If our efforts save even one life, our son will have died a hero.”


Join the #ChasingArthur group on Facebook and learn more about the cause:

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