Fun Family Halloween Activity: You’ve Been Boo-ed!

  • October 4, 2017

It’s finally that time of year again! The leaves are changing colors, the smell of lit chimneys in the evening, and Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING. With all this going on, it’s the perfect time to get the Halloween spirit going with a fun family and neighborhood activity called ‘You’ve Been Boo-ed’!

There’s a chance that you might’ve already seen this going on in your neighborhood!  Your neighbor’s front door could be decorated with a bag of treats and a sign on their door that says ‘You’ve been boo-ed’. If you haven’t seen nor heard of this before, you might be asking what it is and why people are doing something like this, on Halloween of all holidays. Well it’s essentially just like the game, May Basket, where one neighbor would give a gift or treat to another neighbor anonymously and that person would have to anonymously give a gift to someone else, and so on. Once a household has been Boo-ed, they’ll leave a the ghost, (or whatever Halloween graphic was left by the person leaving the treats) on their door to let others know that they’ve already been hit.

So if you’ve already been sold on this fun activity and want to participate? Here’s what you’ll need to do to start the Halloween Boo in your neighborhood!


These treats can honestly be whatever you’d like to leave for your neighbors! It can be a plate of cookies, brownies, Halloween candy, Pumpkin flavored treats, etc.! If you’re not sure on what to leave your neighbors, here’s an awesome recipe for some delicious Witch Hat Cookies!


–  1 box Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake Mix

–  120 ml vegetable oil

–  2 medium free range eggs

–  0.5 tub Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing

–  Assorted food colorings (orange, purple and green)

–   Sugared decorations to sprinkle if desired

–  48 Triangular shaped chocolates, unwrapped


–  Mixing bowl

–  2 baking sheets

–  3 small bowls

–  Piping bags


– Preheat the oven to 180C (160˚ for fan assisted ovens) / Gas Mark 4.

–  Mix the egg, oil and Devil’s Food Cake mix together until well blended

–  Shape cake mix into 3cm balls and place on a lines baking sheet approximately 5cm apart.

–  Bake n the centre of the oven for 8 to 10 minutes or until set. Then leave to cool completely

–  Divide the icing into 3 small bowls. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl to reach the desired color of your choice. Place icing into 3 piping bags and cut the tip of each bag to make a small hole.

–  Pipe a dollop of icing into the centre of each cookie and sprinkle with some sugared decorations if desired.

–  Press the milk chocolate triangles into the colored icing on each cookie.

Pick Your Poem and Halloween Graphic!

This is where you can get really creative! You’ll need a poem to go along with your Halloween graphic to let people know that they’ve been Boo-ed! You can come up with your own poem and have the little ones help come up with fun rhymes! Make sure to have fun with it! Crack some jokes, make some puns, as long as it’s fun, that’s all that matters – it doesn’t have to get deep or anything super life changing! If poetry isn’t your thing, don’t fret! We have some here that you can download and use! There are hundreds of these poems online that you can use, so don’t feel like you have to stick to these three only.


                                                           Mummy PDF                                                                                                  Ghost PDF

                                                                                                                                  Cat PDF


Wrap up your treats and make it your own! If you wish to leave hints as to who it came from, that’s totally up to you, but make sure that you have fun wrapping your treats! You can have the little ones color and design labels for the treats with ‘spooky’ tag lines! When the times officially comes to drop off the treats, decorated their door if you can! Make it as festive as possible! In the end though, it’s important to keep it anonymous so, if you can’t or don’t have enough time to decorate, that’s okay! Simply hang the treats on the doorknob or leave them in front of their door, ring the doorbell and RUN!

Now you have all the tools to make this Halloween the best one yet. Get ready for one fun-filled night with your loved ones and neighbors! Have fun!


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