How to Preserve Energy and Recharge After the Exam Period

  • December 19, 2017

We all know the feeling – after four weeks of meaningless procrastination, you hit the books two days before the exam with desperate regret. If you stretch this feeling out to several weeks of a busy exam period, you are in for a rocky ride.  After the last exam goes by (with relative success or the lack thereof), you feel as if you’ve been on the most nightmarish rollercoaster of your life. Both physically and mentally drained, you need a moment of respite. Several days in bed, however, are rarely enough – so here are a few efficient tips on how to preserve energy and recharge after the exam period.

Planning is everything

Preserving energy during the exam period is just as important as recharging in its aftermath. This is why you’d have to adopt the crucial postulate for any student in any occasion – planning is everything. Just as you use these tips to plan your recharge after the exam period, you also have to create a studying schedule and adhere to it to the best of your abilities. You can purchase a calendar in a gift shop along with a couple of markers to create a colorful plan for your studying sessions and pin it to your corkboard. Additionally, you can use mobile apps that can remind you about your studying schedule around the clock.

Use online resources

The first thing that exhausts students during the exam period actually comes before the studying itself. We are talking about the preparations – rearranging notes and digging through piles of books with relentless trips back-and-forth between the library and your residence. Organizing your learning material can be extremely time-consuming and physically strenuous, not to mention the mental effort you have to put in, so that everything is arranged in the right order.

Therefore, it is a good thing to be aware of useful online resources. This is especially important if you cannot turn to any of your friends and colleagues. In this case, online resources like qut past exams serve as a superb helping hand that can make your exam period smoother. Therefore, always be on the lookout for latest web resources to make your exam period easier to recover from. When it comes to preserving energy and saving time, this can be extremely helpful.


Some people are still skeptical about meditation, which is strange considering the overwhelming medical evidence of its benefits for the human body. It helps you relax and regain strength. A shocking study in Denmark in 2009 revealed that long-term meditation is also associated with increased gray matter density. It is not only a helpful habit you can utilize after the exam to recharge – it is also an amazing tool during the period. Just ten minutes of focused meditation every day can help you focus on task at hand and absorb information more efficiently. “Mind wandering” is a prevalent phenomenon in the time of multimedia, but learning how to empty your mind every now and then can increase your attention span and keeps your mind fixated on the specific activity.


This might sound counter-intuitive considering you are so physically exhausted after the exam period, but keeping your heart pumping both during and after the exams is a good way to keep your energy up and recharge efficiently. If jogging is too strenuous for you, you can start off by taking a walk during the evening. This can be especially helpful when you are in the midst of studying – by combining meditation and casual walks, you can really put your mind in order.

Going out for a run on a sunny sidewalk can rejuvenate your skin and your spirit after the exam period. If it is too cold, you can hit the gym or a local pool. Bike rides can also be a fun and refreshing way to get your joints greased after weeks of cramming. Even if you start early and enter your exam period fully prepared, it is a really stressful time period. The most consistent students tend to come out of it completely exhausted, so these tips on how to recharge after the exam period go double for those of you who binge study.

What great advice! December is always a stressful time for students. Imagine that you just got done with 2 weeks of stressful studying and all you want to do is relax, but then you have the holidays coming up next. You have to get started on Christmas shopping and/or going back home in case you’re going to school out of state. That’s still a lot on your plate, even when you’re done with school for the year. Hopefully with these tips, it’ll be so much easier to recharge and get that breather that is desperately needed in order to be ready for the next semester!


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