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How to Stay Motivated on Hitting the Gym and Getting Fit

  • August 9, 2017

We’ve all been there – You get off work, get home and you’re completely exhausted. All you want to do is lay in bed and start watching your favorite show. It happens to the best of us! It’s not always exhaustion that can ruin our motivation to workout, but also boredom or not seeing the results you may have expected. We’ve come up with a list of ways to keep you moving and pumped for your next workout. Read on and find the motivation you need!


Have a long-term goal in mind:

It’s nearly impossible to be motivated to workout if you don’t even know what you’re working towards. Not having a goal will lead to more inconsistency and less effort… and ain’t nobody got time for that! For example, your long-term goal could be “I want to lose 20 pounds.” Now you have an idea of what you want to do and what you might need to do to achieve it. Another tactic that definitely helps make things easier is setting a lot of short-term goals.

Having a long-term goal is great, but it’s always nice getting a win every so often rather than having a big gap of nothing until you achieve the ‘big’ one. So for example, if your long term goal is to lose 20 pounds, set many small goals of losing 2 pounds a week. This way you’ll see your progress quicker and it’ll increase your motivation whenever you see your results improving!

Create a routine for yourself:

Having a clear plan and path set out always make things easier and less stressful. Not knowing what you’re going to do upon arriving to the gym always lowers motivation and morale.  Make sure to create a routine for each week; plan what exercises you’re going to do, for how long you’ll be doing each exercise, etc. Make sure to track your progress on this as well in order to know when to push yourself just a tad bit more in order to achieve your goals! Upon creating your routine, you’ll begin to notice that you have a greater sense of control and certainty over your workouts. Working out should be a stress reliever, not a cause of stress!

Don’t burn yourself out! Spice things up a bit:

Change is always a good thing when it comes to workouts. If you workout the same part of your body too much, it’ll start to burn out and cause you to feel exhausted early on in the workout. Try to work out different parts of your body on different days in order to allow the other parts of your body to recover before kicking their butt again on the next workout. Sometimes even your routine will get a little boring so if you usually start by doing abs and finish with cardio, try starting backwards. Begin your workout with cardio and finish up with abs; you’ll hit those workouts with different intensity and it’ll feel brand new rather than like the same old thing.

If you feel like you’re starting to burn out during your workouts, make sure you’re taking plenty of small breaks or extend your breaks if necessary. It’s also always nice to give yourself a rest day or two during the week. It gives you the additional rest you need, can help prevent injuries and also keep you strong mentally. Trying to workout every single day isn’t always physically exhausting, but mentally as well (especially in the early stages of starting to workout).

Don’t be afraid to have a cheat meal! It’s encouraged:

Diets are always torturous! You can be sitting there eating your healthy salad while watching TV, and then a commercial will come on showing a delicious bacon cheeseburger and there it is… you begin to contemplate abandoning your diet, getting in the car and getting that mouth-watering burger. Unfortunately for everyone, the diet is the most crucial part to getting fit and sticking to it every single day can be frustrating and boring.

Giving yourself this cheat meal will help you stay strong mentally and spice things up with your diet. Rather than having these big cravings every single day, you can switch things up by sticking to the diet and having this cheat meal to work towards as a reward! You get to have your favorite meal and you don’t go insane from dieting every day. You cannot lose!

Get yourself an awesome playlist to get you going:

It can sometimes happen that you’ll show up to the gym super hyped to kill this workout and once you start, all the motivation just goes right out the window! One way to stay upbeat and motivated is by listening to a killer playlist that’ll get you pumped up and ready to push yourself. If you don’t have a playlist ready yet, then don’t fret! We’ve gone ahead and created one for you right here:

We hope that this list helps you on your way to fitness and to achieve your goals, both long-term and short-term. Don’t forget that you’re not alone in this awesome decision that you’ve made. You have all of your loved ones for support and even thousands of people online ready to give you advice and help you along the way.



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