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Runicorn’s Motivation Playlist

  • May 13, 2016

Hey, Color Runners, it’s your mascot Runicorn here (yes, I actually DO exist 😉 ) I’m getting ready for my upcoming run this summer and I’m jamming out to some super sweet songs to keep me motivated! So I thought I’d jump on the blog to share some rainbow magic love like only a unicorn can, and get you ultra-inspired for your training.

What makes me dance?! What makes me jump out of my bed in the morning?! What makes me oh-so-excited that I can’t keep it to myself?! M-U-S-I-C! Yep, I just turn on some beats and voila. I’m ready to lace up my running shoes, do some sweet stretches, and hit the pavement for a magical run.

Need some inspiration for a work out, cleaning your house, or just want to dance it out? Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite fresh beats that are sure to get you tapping your toes and make you excited to conquer the world!

Give it a listen on Spotify  here. Now go do that thing you thought you couldn’t do, because you CAN do it, and you are  AWESOME!

 Now it’s time for me to get that run started and make some magic happen!

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