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Soul Pose

  • October 31, 2010
Soul Pose yoga by Bigsley Event House

Some say yoga is a practice… we say it’s a party.

Soul Pose is a blacklight yoga party, fun from start to finish. It’s less meditation, and more celebration. Get ready for one hour of fresh beats, body paint and dance breaks. Whether you’re a newbie or a yoga pro, all levels love it.

Vibe – With blacklights and glowing bubbles, you’ll feel free to flow and try something new in a fun setting.

Pulse – You can’t have a yoga party without music! We’ve hand-picked the best beats to get you in the mood to move.

Express – Decorate yourself and your mat with glowing tribal paint to unleash your wild side and make the experience uniquely yours.

Connect – Yoga is better with friends. So we’ve made it a fun experience where you get to flow with other awesome people.

Learn – Each event is lead by one of our top notch, skilled and fun yoga instructors that are local to your city. They’ll be your Happy Yoga guide throughout the session!

Celebrate – From the dance party breaks to the confetti throw, you won’t want to this yoga party to end.


Find a Soul Pose near you: soulpose.com

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