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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts

  • December 15, 2017

The holiday season is upon us! We always say we’re going to get a head start on that list of presents for our family and loved ones, but that’s rarely the case. We realize we haven’t even started with only one week left and our stress level spikes. To make matters worse, some people are impossible to shop for because they never reveal what they want — it’s as if their lives depend on it! We hope to put your mind at ease and make your holiday season more enjoyable with a list of the top 5 gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life:

Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker

This smart piece of jewelry tracks your overall health and helps you by providing insights and reminders to keep you on track and on the right path to wellness. The Leaf monitors your physical activity such as calories burned, steps taken, inactivity time, and more. It monitors your sleep quality, sleep duration, and can set alarms to wake you up. The Leaf also helps you monitor monthly cycles (fertile days, ovulation, and menstrual cycles) through the app,  helps you meditate with guided mediation sessions and even helps you cope with stress with built in breathing exercises. The Leaf can be worn as either a bracelet or necklace, which can be synced with the app and transfers all of your data wirelessly.

Oster Personal Blender Bottle

This 20 ounce BPA-free Sport Bottle Blender is perfect for those fitness enthusiasts with an on-the-go lifestyle.  Comes with a powerful 250-watt motor that turns ice and frozen fruit into delicious smoothies. Also great for those morning on-the-go protein shakes or diet drinks. Small enough to be taken anywhere, but large enough to fit a drink filled with all of your favorite nutrients.  Comes in orange, pink, green, and blue colors!

The Color Run

We’re just going to leave this here….. 😉 But seriously, The Color Run involves fitness, epic color throws, an awesome finish festival and an environment filled with pure happiness! It isn’t called the Happiest 5K on the Planet for nothing. Also The Color Run Hero Tour is soaring to new heights with the Hero Zone and with two brand-new SUPER Zones with double the colors! Celebrate your inner hero along with all of your friends and loved ones!

Bluetooth Ear Warmers

Having to decide whether to listen to your music or keeping your ears warm is a thing of the past with these Bluetooth Ear Warmers! Equipped with Siri and Google Now, you’ll be able to take calls and listen to music through the HD speakers without having to pull out your phone. These headphones come equipped with a soft shell body and fleece lining that make them warm and comfortable to wear all while offering both wind protection and water resistance. These Ear Warmers are perfect for going on either those chilly early morning runs or just taking a late night stroll in your neighborhood.

Bulu Box

It can be very overwhelming deciding which vitamins or supplements to take to help you reach your goals – it can also be very expensive testing out all of these products. Well, with Bulu Box you can try out 4-5 products at a time every month. Bulu Box is a monthly subscription that delivers these products right to your door, allowing you to discover new products before you buy them. Cool right?? Well it gets better – you can customize your boxes! You can tell Bulu Box which products you don’t like, which ones are good, and which ones you LOVE.  The road to a better you just got a whole lot smoother.

We hope that with this list, your holiday just got a whole lot easier, for any of these ideas are sure to make any fitness enthusiast happy! One shouldn’t fret too much on presents though, because remember, holidays are simply about surrounding yourself with the ones you love! Happy Holidays everyone!


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